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Time to get your bum back into shape again?

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It’s not such a pretty thing when your butt is not as shapely, sculpted or round as it once was. But you do remember parading yourself around and love that feeling of looking your best and that’s what you are wanting to do again.

No need to start throwing those mini skirts and skinny jeans out yet. We can certainly get you back into those with a little fun exercising your butt. You may even find your overall health and fitness improve too.

3 bum muscles
Did you know that our bums are actually made up of three muscles? They are the Gluteus maxims, gluteus medusa and the gluteus minims. Exercising all three will also help your lower back, hips and legs.

Whenever someone is considering an exercise training program they should also think about their current diet. Why? Well it’s quite simple really.

Their food intake is part of what got them where they are today i.e fat and out of shape.

So if you are seriously thinking about improving the shape of your bum then you also need to think about the type of foods you have been enjoying.

While the food groups may have been pleasurable at the time, your bum is trying to tell you something different – “hey let’s lose the fat back here okay.”

bumexercisesSomething else you should know too is that with exercising comes a faster metabolism i.e. your body is now working faster. Therefore it will need longer lasting, more nutritious and better balanced foods.

If you are anything like me, I had forgotten all about what I could eat and what I should reduce and/or eliminate completely. In other words I needed to own up to the fact that as far as a proper diet was concerned I needed help.

I also needed to own up to the fact – that I had become flabby and there was fat in places (my bum) where I didn’t want.

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And so my searching began.

5 foods never to eat, 5 veggies that kills stomach fat, take these pills, drink this shake etc, etc.

You and I have family and friends who also have families and friends who have tried these weight loss programs repeatedly with little results.

Why is it that some girls can eat anything they like and others need to take more care with what goes into their mouths and stops on their bums?

Seems logical now that I know why, but it’s better if I let the expert tell you just like he told me.

You too will be amazed at just how simple his answer is and how it all makes complete sense. I just put it down to my poor diet also affecting the way my brain was not working well.

Kyle Leon is the expert on nutrition and fat loss I’m talking about. He really knows what he is talking about and has enough experience and proven results behind him to make one sit and listen.

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Beginners Advice for Exercising Your Gluteus

Always start with warm up exercises. The best of course is a walk. Even if you are exercising your gluteus indoors, just take a few minutes to walk around the room a few times. No need to rush, just get your muscles moving is all you need.

Before you start your squat workouts I want you to know and remember something important. Your muscles get maximum advantage if you move slowly. If you only have a couple of minutes then perhaps it is best to wait until you have more time.

Rushing through these may cause other muscles to work rather than those that need the most shaping. So please take your time and learn to love the pain. In this case it is your friend. (If you think you might have injured yourself, then seek professional assistance).

Squatting Exercises for Beginners

bumexercisessquatting2 This one exercise will improve your leg and butt muscles quickly as it works immediately right where you need it to.

Spread your feet apart to just a bit more than shoulder width.

Keeping your back straight, squat down until your upper legs are as close to parallel with the floor as possible. Hold for a second and then use all of your leg to push back up again. This is 1 set.

Do 5 sets and repeat 8 times.

Do these exercises for 3 – 5 days depending on your level of fitness. Then you are ready for the next level.

Advanced Level

There is only one thing that changes here and that is the introduction of weights.

bumexercisessquattingStart small i.e. 5 kilogram weight bar across the shoulders and repeat the squatting exercises as before.

Increase the weights when you are ready to push yourself harder. Remember not to over do it. You’re here to get toned not injured.

Lunging Exercises

Lunging is possibly the best butt exercise there is. You can do this without weights if you don’t have any however it is better to start with some light weight dumb bells.

bumexerciseslungeSlowly take a step forward so that your front foot is about 1 meter in front of your other foot. bend both of your knees transferring your weight to the front leg.Your back knee should almost be touching the ground.

Now push yourself back to the starting position. You can either repeat using the same foot or alternate with the other foot, the choice is yours.

Do 5 sets and repeat 12 times.

There are several more exercises you may wish to add to your program such as the butt lift workout and more toning exercises for your upper thighs and tummy.

Continue your walking, squatting and lunging exercises to maintain beautifully rounded, well sculpted bum cheeks and remember just how amazing you look!